Belmont Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the character development of Belmont youth through teaching, coaching and playing ice hockey.

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BYHA PW-A - insight and coming events
by posted 02/09/2021

Hello Team - 

For the benefit of parents (who may not get much insight on what we're working on and discussing as a team), a summary about some of the things we're focused on;

  • Decision making - one way to think about the game, and the moments that happen throughout our playing, is as a series of decisions we make about where to be, what to do, how to...etc.  
  • Creativity - how we address decision making is up to each of us.  We want to keep open minds and to keep looking for new ways to improve how we play.  
  • It's OK to take risks  - each of us is encouraged to try new things, and often when we try new things, we're have to try a few times before we get it.  So, when we fall short, we praise constructive risk taking and recognize that as being part of our growth.
  • Together - when we play together, we're at our best.  Individual efforts can motivate and initiate, but when we play and work together, we get compound output.

Hope that was helpful and perhaps a way to initiate conversation with your player about what these ideas mean to them.


About our upcoming schedule of events;

  • No games (currently) scheduled for this wk end - the schedule has been coming out in fits and spurts - but currently nothing.
  • School vacation wk we have 4 games scheduled
    • Tues 16th - 6:40 PM vs. Natick at Belmont (reschedule of last Sunday's game)
    • Wed 17th - 8:50 AM vs. Needham in Malden
    • Sat 20th - 6 PM vs. Arlington at Belmont
    • Sun 21st - 8 PM vs. Dorchester at Malden

Pls let me know if your player will (or won't) attend each of these games through the SportsSignUpPlay application.  I know some of you will be away and I thank you for helping me lock down the details re attendance.


Coach Read



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Game Tomorrow
by posted 09/18/2020

Hello PeeWee A Team - 

A few things before our game tomorrow at 4:10 PM (in Bedford)

  1. Nice job in game #1 - I thought the team gave a solid effort for game #1 and we talked about how, when we get control of the puck, we want to "look up" to see which teammate we can pass to or if we're in a position to shoot on the goal.  
  2. Please Use the Mobile App - In order to help your coaches to try to have an appropriate number of players at the game, please use the Sports SignUp Play application on your mobile phone (details here).  I can see that some of you have already responded (thank you).  Let's get to 100% so we have an appropriate size roster for each game.  It's important that you sign up with the app with the same email address used for your BYHA account.  And if you have issues with the app, please just text me at 617 875-0091 and let me know if your player will or won't be at the game.  The application allows you to indicate whether your player will attend for each event and this is helpful information for us to have.
  3. Bring a Water Bottle - As previously mentioned, each player has to bring their own this season.

Have a great Friday.  I look forward to seeing most of you tomorrow afternoon.



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BYHA Pee Wee A - 2020 - '21 - Start tomorrow
by posted 09/07/2020

Hello BYHA Pee Wee A Team 2020 - '21 - 

Welcome to the 2021 season!  We hope you and your family are well and that you had a good summer.  We're glad you're on the team and are looking forward to getting things going.

Tomorrrow (September 8, 2020) we have our first practice of the season at 7 pm Ryan Arena in Watertown.  A few important details as we get started;

  1. Health and Safety of our players, coaches and community remains priority #1 This year there are some differences about how we're going to operate and all of us (coaches, players and parents / family) will need to do our best to comply with these policies for our collective benefit.  If your player or anyone in your home shows any signs of a fever or other Covid symptoms  please stay away from team events until you're cleared by a medical professional.
  2. Required waiver All BYHA players this year are required to have a waiver before they can begin participation.  You should have received an email from BYHA Board Member Patrick Murphy via dotloop (an electronic signature service) that will enable you to review the waiver and sign electronically.  If you did not receive this (please check your spam filter / folder in case, I received on Sept. 3rd) let me know.
  3. Added protocols There are required additional protocols this season.  Please review this information on the BYHA site if you haven't already and, in advance of tomorrow's practice make sure you read the protocol requirements for the John Ryan Arena found in the Season Rink Protocols folder here on the BYHA site.  There will be adjustments for all of us (i.e. get dressed before you arrive at the rink, wear your mask, stay distanced etc.) and remember that we're doing all this for our collective benefit.
  4. No Assigned Goalie At this time we do not have an assigned goalie for our team so we all should expect to take turns covering the position.  We will have at least two sets of goalie equipment for the season so that after usage, the equipment can sit dormant before being used by another player.  If anyone is interested in doing more than a rotation, please let the coaches know.  
  5. Focus on Growth, Development and Fun Our team focus this year will be about individual and team development and having fun. 

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow evening.


Coach Read Norton - - cell (617) 875-0091

Coach Sarah Lemieux - - cell (617) 513-1700

Coach Chris Babcock - - cell (617) 312-1335

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