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Belmont Rink - need your help keeping on time
by Mike French posted 11/30/2020

Good morning coaches,

I wanted to get a quick note out to get us all on the same page going forward so we can minimize the time spent by the next scheduled practice group waiting outside the Belmont rink for the Rec Dept to allow them in.  The rec dept has allowed for 20 minutes inbetween scheduled sessions this season which should be plenty of time to get the first group out and the next group in before their session starts.  However, the zamboni crew hasnt't been punctual on opening the doors at the 50 minute mark (when practice is done) which has left some teams on the ice too long.  Also, the rink clock has been off by 5 minutes +-. 

We have asked the zamboni to come on right as the 50 minute session is done, and that the rink clock be adjusted.  In the event that hasn't happened, I ask each of you to keep track of the time, and to wrap up your practice at the 50 minute mark.  With rain tonight, and winter weather coming I'm hoping we can minimize the time spent waiting outside of the rink for us all.  Thanks.  



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