Belmont Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the character development of Belmont youth through teaching, coaching and playing ice hockey.

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Belmont Youth Hockey
Mini Marauders

Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey


Belmont Youth Hockey offers a variety of programs for children wanting to learn how to skate or learn to play hockey through our Mini Marauder Program.  It offers the opportunity for boys and girls to get involved with the game of hockey at their pace.  Mini Marauders recognizes that if the kids have fun playing and developing their skills, they will grow to love the game of hockey and hopefully, play the game for a long time.  The program’s emphasis is on creating a fun atmosphere where kids can learn necessary skills and grow to love the game of hockey.

Belmont Youth Hockey will have on-ice professional coaches to design and implement an appropriate curriculum but overall success depends on active parent on-ice participation to assist in the learning process.  Any parents who participate on ice must complete a CORI and wear a helmet.  If you're interested in helping, please contact Chris Sabo at    Our goal is to make it fun for all participants.

Players who may want to play at a higher level than the Level IV program would enter our travel program and attend placements in the spring.

Level I – Learn To Skate for Hockey 

Learn to Skate for Hockey is for kids any age who are new to skating or want to learn to skate in order to play hockey.  There is a once a week practice where we work on getting up, balancing, pushing, gliding and stopping.  The skaters are placed into groups with similar ability including a separate area for kids that have never skated before. Hockey equipment is required.  Kids will learn by becoming comfortable on the ice and participating in fun games and drills designed to make kids move and use their edges.  The program runs from November to mid March. 

Level II – Learn to Play Hockey

Learn to Play Hockey is a 2 day/week program for kids born in 2016 or older (older kids also welcome) for the player who is still beginning to skate and is ready to learn to play the game of hockey.  There will be a practice and a scrimmage each week. Coaches will teach skills of skating, shooting and stick handling through fun drills and cross ice games. Participants need the full complement of hockey pads.  Players will be assigned to a team for scrimmages for the entire year.  The program runs from November to end of February.

Level III – Mite Development

Mite Development program is is a three day per week program.  Coaches will conduct two practices per week and will lead the players in cross ice games once a week. Participants need the full complement of hockey pads.  Players will be assigned to a team for scrimmages for the entire year.   The program runs from November to mid March. 

Level IV – MITE C

Mite C is for kids age 6 to 8 who are ready for cross ice games. This program meets 4 times a week with two practices, one skills session and cross ice games.  The cross ice games are against other towns and are located in Medford on Sunday mornings.  The program runs from November to mid March.