Belmont Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the character development of Belmont youth through teaching, coaching and playing ice hockey.

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Belmont Youth Hockey
Members’ Meeting Minutes
June 19, 2008
I.      Call to order
Jim Wooster called to order the Annual members’ meeting of the Belmont Youth Hockey Association (BYHA) at 7:12pm on June 19, 2008 at the Belmont Public Library.
II.      Roll call
The following board members were present: Jim Wooster, Curtis Cole, Janet Liddell, John Curran, Steve Nally, Doug McLaughlin, Mark Shapiro, Larry Christofori and Brian Quirk.  Absent from the meeting were board members: Andy Papathanasiou, John Myers, Kerry O’Donovan and Lisa Pargoli.
III.      President’s Report
Year in Review
         Jim Wooster summarized the BYHA program and operations for the 2007 – 2008 season. Jim reported that enrollment was up this year. He formed three committees which addressed areas of the program in need of attention: Feeder Program; Future Directions; and Social/Fundraising.
         Among his main priorities were balancing ice requirements, increasing member involvement, greater program visibility and creating a proactive versus reactive organization. Doug McLaughlin worked with the town’s Recreation Department and other sources to increase opportunities for better practice ice times and locations. The Big Chill fundraising event involved a huge number of participants from the community. Increased program visibility was accomplished through appearances and active participation at Town Day, a Boston College/BYHA skating event and “Bring a friend to hockey” initiatives. And the board together with the community accomplished many of the goals outlined, in addition to showing a profit for the year.
         Jim stated that although many of the goals were met, some were not. For example, the board hoped to formalize a joint feeder program with Watertown but work toward this end is still needed. Although Tricon bought advertising space on the website, the goal to sell more advertising on the website fell a bit short. Additionally, the board hoped to conduct a membership survey on line but was not able to accomplish this during the season.
         The program had many issues at the start of the season. Jim recognized and thanked members of the board for their contributions that helped make the year a highly successful one for Belmont hockey.
IV.      Position Reports
Ice, Future Directions
         Doug McLaughlin reported that discussions with Watertown regarding combining the two programs have been favorable, and that a trial merger of the Mite teams would take place in the fall. By merging the Mite teams, skaters would be placed among three Mite level teams, decreasing the disparity of skill level and assigning kids to teams appropriate for their skating abilities. BYHA and Watertown are working with Mass Hockey on this merger. Besides making more solid teams, the benefits of combining the programs include more ice and decreased need to hold practices at 9 pm.    
Alternate Player Proposal
         Larry Christofori outlined the Alternate Player Proposal. The program loses skaters to the Select programs at the Squirt and PeeWee levels. A way to keep these skaters involved with the town’s program is to offer alternate spots. The proposal would include a reduced fee and therefore, would stipulate reduced participation. The proposal was brought before the board. Although the specifics have yet to be determined, the board unanimously approved the motion to provide an opportunity for select players to play in a limited capacity in the program. Larry will submit a formal proposal for the alternate player to the board.
V.      Questions and Answers
A question and answer period followed the organized presentation. One member suggested the need to attract better coaches and work to limit the misbehavior at practices. Another member suggested that a formal/written standard of behavioral expectations would be valuable to the program. Members discussed the abundant ice in November and ways to take advantage of the ice, such as, offering “Bring a Friend to Hockey” during this month.
VI.      Next Meeting:
Regular meeting of the Board July 7, 2008 at 7:00pm at the Belmont Public Library.
VII.      Adjournment
Jim Wooster adjourned the annual meeting at 8:19pm. He then called the board into executive session where the officers of the board were voted.
By unanimous vote, the following board members were appointed as officers of the board for 2008 - 2009:
            Doug McLaughlin – President
            Larry Christofori – Vice President
            John Curran – Treasurer
            Janet Liddell - Secretary
Minutes submitted by: Janet Liddell
Minutes approved by: