Belmont Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the character development of Belmont youth through teaching, coaching and playing ice hockey.

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Belmont Youth Hockey
Meeting Minutes
May 4, 2009
I.       Call to order
Doug McLaughlin called to order the regular meeting of the Belmont Youth Hockey Association (BYHA) at 7:15pm on May 4, 2009 in the Staff Room of the Belmont Public Library.
II.     Roll call
The following persons were present: Doug McLaughlin, Kim Rocha, John Curran, Jim Finn, Janet Liddell, Jeff Brody, Mark Shapiro, Brian Quirk, and Steve Nally. Absent from the meeting were: Jim Wooster, Joe Noone, Jim Brown, and Larry Christofori.
III.    Approval of minutes from last meetings
The minutes from April 14, 2009 were accepted.
IV.    Position Reports
Not a lot of activity for the period April 14, 2009 through May 4, 2009.  Total income reported at $12,404 consisting of $7,473 in ice time reimbursement and $4,931 brought in for Year End Banquets.  Expenses were light at $1,130 for trophies and miscellaneous Banquet expenses.  Net Income $11,273.
Kim R. reports she’s getting lots of emails from membership regarding the new tuition payment due date of May 15, 2009, and questioning the makeup of the teams and coaching staff.  The board restated that the advanced tuition payment enables BYHA to more accurately assess the numbers of teams at each level, and then finalize coaching staff based on the number of teams fielded.  Additionally, BYHA has had difficulty collecting tuition payment mid-season, and is taking a more proactive approach in meeting its financial obligations.  Kim suggested the rationale for this policy be clearly communicated to membership at the Annual Meeting on June 4, 2009 at the Library.
Steve N. stated BYHA will be looking for volunteer parent coaches once teams are solidified.
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Public Relations
Town Day preparations underway.
May need to replace Mite C team jerseys as names were affixed to backs of shirts.  Brian Q. will ask Jeff Cronin for mark up of sponsors’ sign.  Doug M. will ask Rec. Department for permission to install sponsors’ sign at rink.
Outreach/New Membership
Town Day, May 16, 2009.  Participation and booth to be coordinated by Jeff B. and Mark S.
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No report
V.     Other Business
The Board held a lengthy discussion regarding spring placements.  Philosophical differences of opinion expressed regarding the goal of BYHA as purely an ability based organization or one that considers other factors when making team placement decisions.  Board agreed to present this issue for discussion with membership at the annual meeting.
BYHA Bylaws and Guidelines:  Board met on April 21, 2009 to review and revise operating procedures.  Jeff B. will rework them through his office and send around revisions for comment.  Jeff will also add indemnification clause to Bylaws.  We also formed this year’s nominating committee (Joe N., Jim F., Doug M., Janet L., Kim R.) and have started the process to attract candidates for the open board positions.
Open Board Positions:  The nominating committee will submit a slate of candidates to serve on the BYHA board at the Annual Meeting on June 4, 2009 at the Library.  If a quorum of membership (18 families) attends the annual meeting, the membership will vote on the slate of candidates. If a quorum of membership is not present, the nominating committee’s slate of candidates will be accepted.
Midgets:  Anticipating two teams this fall with wide skill level variation.  Discussing forming two equally able teams, rather than an A and B level.
VI.    Next Meeting
*Special meeting of the Board May 18, 2009 at 7:00pm in the Flett Room of the Belmont Public Library
**Annual Meeting for the Membership June 4, 2009 at 7:00pm in the Assembly Room of the Belmont Public Library
VII. Adjournment
Doug McLaughlin adjourned the meeting at 9:44pm.
Minutes submitted by:  Janet Liddell