Belmont Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the character development of Belmont youth through teaching, coaching and playing ice hockey.

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Belmont Youth Hockey
Meeting Minutes
September 8, 2009
I.       Call to order
Brian Quirk called to order the regular meeting of the Belmont Youth Hockey Association (BYHA) at 7:05 pm on September 8, 2009 in the Staff Room of the Belmont Public Library.
II.     Roll call
The following persons were present: Jeff Brody, Jeff Carbeck, Roman Chicz, Curtis Cole, John Curran, Jim Finn, Doug McLaughlin, Joe Noone, Bob Pomer, Brian Quirk, and Kim Rocha.  Absent from the meeting were Jim Brown, Al Gutterman, Steve Nally and Tricia Reggio.
III.    Approval of minutes from last meetings
The minutes from the August 10, 2009 regular board meeting were accepted.
IV.    Financial Update
There has been only minor financial activity since our prior meeting.   Scholarship disbursement to successful applicants along with receipt of funds from the midgets, mite and girls program registrations were the major activities.
V.          Roster Updates
The status of current rosters for the upcoming season, including the status of registrations for the Bantams and Midgets and the status of goalies for various teams was discussed.
VI.       Mite Developmental Program
The plans for a BYHA Mite developmental program for the upcoming season coordinated with the assistance of Pete Noone was discussed. The program will be publicized to potentially interested families through a school flyer and otherwise.
VII.    Ice Breaker/Used Equipment
The planning for this year’s Ice Breaker event set for October 31 was discussed. Jim Finn is taking the lead on this event and discussed logistics and advertising the event.  A decision was made not to repeat the equipment drive this year, but rather to wait a year to allow for families to accumulate equipment for donation.  A swap board on the website as an alternative was discussed.
VIII. Coaching Assignments
Coaching assignments were previously approved and have been finalized for most teams. The remaining coaching positions were discussed.
IX.       Placements
Placements for the mites and girls programs were discussed. Optional skills ice time for these players have been scheduled before placements take place with placements occurring in late September.
X.          Equipment/Sponsors
Brian Quirk ordered any needed equipment. The status of sponsors for practice jerseys was discussed.
XI.       Other Business
Ice time scheduling issues were discussed. The possibility of providing skills assistance to high school age players was also discussed.
XII.    Next Meeting
The next regular meeting of the Board will be on October 6, 2009 at the Belmont Public Library.
XIII. Adjournment
Brian Quirk adjourned the meeting at 9:03 p.m.
Minutes submitted by:  Jeff Brody