BYHA promotes the development and enjoyment of youth hockey in the Town of Belmont, creating and maintaining a standard of goodwill, sportsmanship and fellowship among it's youth.
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Last revised - February 2014




                Article I


Section 1               The name of the organization shall be Belmont Youth Hockey Association (“BYHA” or “the Association”) as approved at the meeting of the Board of Directors on June 10, 2003.


Section 2               BYHA is a non-profit organization, as set forth in the Articles of Organization (dated November 26, 1986), operating under General Laws, Chapter 180, as set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Section 3               BYHA is a member of USA Hockey and MASS Hockey and shall at all times abide by their rules and regulations.





                Article II


Section 1               The purpose of BYHA shall be to provide a means of promoting the development and enjoyment of youth hockey in the Town of Belmont and to create and maintain a standard of goodwill, sportsmanship and fellowship among the youth it oversees and the families it serves.





                Article III


Section 1               Membership consists of coaches and the parents of children who participate in the program.  Each family is a member, as explained in the bylaws.


Section 2               Each member is entitled to one vote at a General Meeting.


Section 3               For cause (as determined in good faith by the Board), any membership may be suspended or terminated for violation of the By-Laws, or of any agreement, rule or practice properly adopted by the organization or for any other conduct prejudicial to the interest of the organization.  Two-thirds vote of the entire Board is recommended for such action, however the bylaws give a quorum of directors or members present the power to make decisions by majority vote of those present.  The Board will determine, by majority vote, how it will proceed in each case.





                Article IV


Section 1               Each year, at least one (1) General meetings of the Association shall be scheduled, in advance, by the Board and called by the President, at least seven days prior to the meeting.  Meeting dates may be advertised in the regular general mailings to the members.


Section 2               Board of Directors Meetings will be held as necessary.  The President is responsible for calling the meetings.


Section 3               A simple majority of the membership present at a General Meeting shall be required to determine matters presented for a vote, however it is recommended that By-Law changes require a two-thirds (2/3) majority, and that a majority vote, prior to any vote on bylaws, will determine if this applies.


Section 4               A simple majority of the Board of Directors present at a meeting shall be required to determine an issue. The Board may remove one of its members for proper cause, but two-thirds vote of the entire Board is recommended for such action, however the bylaws give a quorum of directors or members present the power to make decisions by majority vote of those present.  The Board will determine, by majority vote, how it will proceed in each case.


Section 5               BYHA conducts its affairs in accordance with generally accepted parliamentary procedures.  BYHA adheres to Robert’s Rules of Order.


Board of Directors


                Article V


Section 1               The Board of Directors shall consist of not more than sixteen members.  The term of service is not more than 3 years, two terms maximum, or six (6) years, whichever is greater.  Vacancies may be filled by the board as they occur.

Section 2               Every effort will be made to have at least one parent/guardian member from each level (Mite, Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam, Midget and Girls). 

 Section 3              The President will appoint a nominations committee, including  a Chairperson (usually the Secretary) as one of the committee members, each year.  The nominations committee will identify Board positions for the next season, including the areas of responsibility which need to be filled, and will solicit interested volunteers from the general membership. 

 Any member interested in being considered for nomination to the Board must identify themselves to a Board member via email or other electronic medium or by mail to the association address, expressing a willingness to serve, in writing, before for the upcoming year.  The deadline to submit such a letter shall be established by the nominations committee and communicated to the membership reasonably in advance of the deadline.

 Service includes, among other things, attendance at monthly Board meetings, member meetings, special meetings; responsibility for an area of the program (ice schedule, league representative, etc.); participation in other Board activities (on-site supervision of tournaments we host, tryouts, etc.).  In the letter, the volunteer may include any information he/she feels is pertinent, including anything relating to the criteria typically considered by the nominations committee. 

The nominations committee will review the qualifications of every interested member to determine a willingness and suitability to serve in the open positions.  The nominations committee will consider:

-        Previously performed volunteer work on behalf of the program (parent coordinator, etc.).

-         Professional or volunteer experience in areas the committee deems important for filling open positions on the Board (e.g. management, finance, administration, other Board experience).

-         Age level of member’s children in the program, and level of play within each age level.  Representation should be spread across as many age and skill levels as practicable.

-         Length of time member has had players in the program, and expected length of time member will remain with the program.

-        Any other factors the committee deems important (education, affiliations, personal characteristics or skills).

The nominations committee will endorse a slate of nominees to fill the open positions.  Any member in good standing, who has followed the nominations timeline above, may appear on the ballot, even if they have not been nominated by the committee.  The slate will be voted on at the annual meeting of the association. 

 If not enough members attend the annual meeting or properly submit a vote by proxy, the slate of nominees endorsed by the nominations committee will become the new Board members.

 Section 4              The Board may allow one Ex Officio position, to serve for an additional one-year term, to assure continuity from board to board, upon a majority vote of the Board.  Any approved Ex Officio position is a voting position.


Section 5               A board member may be asked by a standing board to remain on the Board past his or her term for a specific purpose.  At no time will this exception last more than two terms.  Any member who is asked to remain will have a vote.

 Section 6              No active Board Member may hold a position as head coach in the program absent Board approval.


Election of Officers


                Article VI


Section 1               The Board of Directors will vote for officers consisting of a President, Vice President, Clerk (Secretary) and Treasurer.  The President is a board member nominated and voted on by the Board of Directors.  A simple majority of the Board members present is necessary.  The term of these officers is one year but they may be reelected to serve additional terms.

 Section 2              The officers shall be elected annually by the Directors at a regular meeting of Directors. 

Section 3               The President will assign each Board Member his or her responsibilities.  These may include (without limitation)  appropriate League Representatives, for each league in which BYHA has a team,   Equipment Coordinator, Fund Raising Coordinator, Coaches Coordinator, Ice time Coordinator, Registrar, Public Relations/Website Coordinator, and/or other responsibilities as the Board deems appropriate.





                Article VII


Section 1               BYHA will have no political affiliations.  No endorsement for any public office may be made in the name of BYHA.




                Article VIII


Section 1               The number of teams in each division will be determined by the Board of Directors each season.  The ages in each division will be determined by USA Hockey Rules.

                                All residents of Belmont are eligible to tryout for teams at their appropriate age level as defined by Mass Hockey and USA Hockey, provided they are in good financial standing.  Players from outside Belmont will be accepted subject to Board approval based on its determination of the needs of the Association.





Article IX              


Section 1               The Board’s coaches coordinator will seek adults interested in coaching from both within and outside the membership. 

 Section 2              When available and appropriate, qualified coaches at the ‘A’ level will be appointed from coaches who do not have children on that ‘A’ level.

 Section 3              The coaches coordinator is responsible to maintain a list of people interested in coaching, their qualifications to coach, including the level of USA Hockey coaching education they have attained, and to be aware of all coaches (and potential coaches) past history of coaching with the program, in order to best advise the Board and head coaches.

 Section 4              The Board will finalize appointment of coaches.  The coaches coordinator will determine who is available to be the head coach at different levels, what qualifications they hold, and in consultation with the Board, will determine in what order potential head coaches should be approached for each level.  Once a slate of consenting head coaches has been determined, the coaches coordinator will present the slate of coaches to the Board for approval. 

 Section 5              Head coaches will consult with the coaches coordinator to determine the best candidates for the head coach to appoint as assistant coaches.  Assistant coaches will be appointed by the head coach only with approval of the coaches coordinator (who will consult the Board prior to granting approval to the head coach). 

 Section 6              All coaches will attain the USA Hockey Coaches Education Program certification level (patching level) required for the age level of the team to which they are appointed.

 Section 7              A coaches meeting will be held at the beginning of the season to inform coaches of education requirements, rule changes, CORI status, and any other business necessary for compliance with Mass Hockey rules, and to insure a successful season.

Section 8               The coaches coordinator will make educational resources available to the coaches, and develop and implement a player development program in consultation with the coaches.

Section 9               No person is to be allowed on the practice ice or behind the bench without the prior approval of the head coach.  Appropriate USA Hockey coaching certification level is required at all times.                                                  



Article X

Section 1               BYHA’s most recent placement guidelines are posted on its website.




                Article XI


Section 1               Proposed Amendments to the Guidelines may be made by the Board as it deems appropriate upon a 2/3 majority vote of Board members present at a scheduled Board meeting.  


Section 2               Amendments to the Guidelines may also be proposed by members and submitted to the Board.


Article XII     Sexual Harassment Policy

Belmont Youth Hockey Association (BYHA) seeks to provide an environment within BYHA that is free from all types of discrimination, including sexual harassment or abuse. Sexual harassment can occur in various ways, including (without limitation) volunteer to player, player to volunteer, player to player, volunteer to volunteer, adult to adult, male to female, female to male, male to male and female to female.

Any volunteer member, player or other person who has been found by BYHA to have engaged in sexually harassing conduct will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge (for an volunteer), expulsion (for a player), or other appropriate corrective action deemed appropriate by BYHA.

BYHA will investigate promptly any complaint of discrimination or harassment received and take immediate and appropriate corrective action where warranted, including the notification of law enforcement if deemed appropriate by BYHA.


Sexual harassment is defined to include (but may not be limited to) the following types of behavior:

•           Unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature about or because of the recipient’s gender. Examples include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, such as uninvited touching of a sexual nature or sexually-related comments.  Depending upon the circumstances, harassment can also include unwelcome sexual joking, teasing or other conduct directed toward a person because of his or her gender which creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive environment.

•           The threat, suggestion or innuendo that a volunteer’s position or advancement, assignment, etc., or a player’s position, playing time or other various opportunities depends on tolerance of or submission to sexual demands. 

•           Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, physical contact of sexual nature, or other verbal conduct or communications of a sexual nature if:

(1.) Submission to that conduct or communication is made a term or condition, either explicitly or implicitly, of obtaining a position or any other promise;

(2) Submission to or rejection of that conduct or communication by an individual is used as a factor in decisions affecting that individual’s volunteerism or play; or

(3) That conduct or communication has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual’s performance, or of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.

BYHA will never consider conduct of a sexual nature between an adult and a youth player to be welcome or appropriate. 

Reporting Responsibilities

Individuals are strongly encouraged to report any incidents of behavior that they consider to be sexual harassment, whether the behavior was directed at them or was observed to have been directed at another individual. All volunteer staff members are responsible for informing a member of the BYHA Board of Directors of any such behavior they observe, and of any complaint or report of sexual harassment received from a parent, player or other third party.  

All volunteer members, parents and players are expected to cooperate fully with the investigation of any complaints of possible sexual harassment, and to provide complete and truthful information to BYHA. 

How and Where to Report

Complaints or reports may be brought to the attention of any member of the BYHA Board of Directors. If the complaint in any way implicates a member of the BYHA Board of Directors, the complaint should be made to a Board Member not involved with the incident.

Any investigation of a complaint will be conducted in such a way as to maintain confidentiality to the extent practicable under the circumstances.  BYHA prohibits retaliation against an individual who reports in good faith a claim of sexual harassment under this policy or who cooperates in good faith in an investigation of such a report in accordance with this policy. 

Three 3 Person Rule

To limit any opportunity of sexual harassment and/or abuse BYHA has adopted the “Three Person Rule”.  This requires that no single volunteer is alone at any time with a player other than their own.  At all times for practice, games, special events, etc. there must be three persons present.  This could include a volunteer – volunteer – player or volunteer – player – player.

Dissemination of Sexual Harassment Policy

BYHA’s sexual harassment policy shall be posted on the website so that it is available to each volunteer, parent and player.