Belmont Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the character development of Belmont youth through teaching, coaching and playing ice hockey.

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Belmont Youth Hockey
Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2011

  1. Call to order
A regular meeting of the board of the Belmont Youth Hockey Association (BYHA) was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on September 6, 2011 in the Staff Room at the Belmont Public Library.
  1. Roll call
The following board members were present: Andy Alasso, Dustan Bonnin, Erica Carere, Curtis Cole, Jim Finn, Tony Luongo, Paul Miller, John Murphy, Steve Nally, Joe Noone, Dan O’Connell, Bob Pomer, and Brian Quirk.  Absent from the meeting: Doug McLaughlin. 
  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting
The minutes from the July 2011 regular board meeting were accepted.
  1. Financials
BYHA is continuing to transition from a cash basis to an accrual basis—numbers are therefore not lining up with years past, at least until November.  All else appears to be healthy.  June 30th financials will be sent to the accountant for review shortly.
Belmont Savings is Mutualizing, and BYHA has the opportunity to buy shares.  It is not recommended for BYHA at this time.
  1. U10 Girls program
Current numbers do not justify the creation of a second team.  Currently there are 18 players registered.  If the number grows prior to the start of the season (November), it would be possible to add a team at that time.
The board will consider the possibility of coordinating some of the younger U10 girls with the Mini-Marauder Mite C group.  An effort will continue to recruit girls from the Mini-Marauder program to fill a second U10 team.
  1. Review of Board Assignments
Assignments were submitted to the Board in advance of today’s meeting.  There was discussion of the new assignments, and agreement that we will begin the year under the proposed new assignments, and determine if there is any need for adjustment.
One important update:  Addition of a role to coordinate score keepers for games at Belmont rink. 
There is a need for an individual to coordinate the banquets and trophies.  This role will be assigned prior to the next meeting.
  1. Equipment Update
BYHA will be working with Tricon Sports and Champions Sporting Goods for clothing and equipment this year.  We are seeking sponsors for each team. 
  1. League/Team Updates
Valley League schedules are out for the first parity round.  All three Pee Wee teams are pleased with the locations of the first games.  The Valley League is willing to use Belmont rink for Belmont games in the second or third parity round.  Some of the surrounding towns have not had such favorable game locations.  According to Valley League rules, the first parity round does not count toward the playoffs.
BYHA registered two midget teams in the Greater Boston Youth Hockey League (GBYHL), and is playing only one.  It is possible that BYHA would be responsible for the un-used ice that was originally slated for BYHA Midget 2 games.  The board has considered a number of contingencies for this ice, including scheduling additional (non-league) games for the Midget team.
Midgets are currently at 21.  There is a question regarding the USA Hockey required maximum number of players on a roster for midgets.
  1. Goalies
Three teams currently do not have goalies.  Two teams have players who have agreed to stand in, in part, or full-time.  Another team will rotate through the roster with volunteer goalies. 
The board discussed whether BYHA should make a formal commitment to having players rotate through the goalie position at the younger levels.  This would ensure that players were exposed to the position, and were able to practice at the position during their assigned week as goalie.  It might also increase player interest in playing either full- or part-time
We discussed whether to bring a coach in to assist with young goalies.  Efforts to work with Waltham in the past have not been as successful as they might be if the program was in Belmont, and just for Belmont players.  We also discussed whether there are people involved in the program who may be able to assist in running goalie clinics. 
  1. Ice Update
There are no significant ice issues at this time.  We will need ice in Belmont for VHL games when they are scheduled in Belmont.
“Welcome back skates” have been scheduled at Watertown for BYHA families.  This will be added to the website, and Andy Alasso will email all families to inform them.  The primary audience are younger and beginning hockey players.
  1. Website Update
Mites registration is now open.  Coach information is updated as well.  The PeeWee VHL games will be downloaded from VHL website, and uploaded into BYHA website.  This may be cumbersome when there are late changes to VHL games, but general additions should not be a problem.
Girls’ games will be updated automatically from the Middlesex Hockey League. 
  1. Ice Breaker
BYHA will contact the Belmont Recreation Department to determine what the planned opening date is.  We hope to be able to continue the opening celebration as in years past.
  1. Walk-Ins
A season-opening social event will be planned for October 15 or 22 at the Wave in Waltham.  Paul Miller and Jim Finn will coordinate the program.  
There will also be a calendar fundraiser, like last year.  It is planned for November. 
  1. Adjournment
Brian Quirk adjourned the meeting at 8:25 p.m.
Minutes submitted by:  Bob Pomer