Belmont Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the character development of Belmont youth through teaching, coaching and playing ice hockey.

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Belmont Youth Hockey
Meeting Minutes
October 4, 2011

  1. Call to order
A regular meeting of the board of the Belmont Youth Hockey Association (BYHA) was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on October 4, 2011 in the Flett Room at the Belmont Public Library.
  1. Roll call
The following board members were present: Andy Alasso, Dustan Bonnin, Erica Carere, Tony Luongo, Doug McLaughlin, Paul Miller, John Murphy, Joe Noone, Dan O’Connell, Bob Pomer, and Brian Quirk.  Absent from the meeting: Curtis Cole, Jim Finn, and Steve Nally.  
  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting
The minutes from the September 2011 regular board meeting were accepted.
  1. Tournaments
One tournament for boys Mite thru Bantam is included in annual tuition.  Any additional tournaments will be charged to team-members regardless of who attends.  The cost of tournaments will increase to $75 in 2012-2013.  The increase is meant to offset the increased cost of tournaments.  The BYHA is committed to providing the tournament experience to its players.
  1. October Social
Room is reserved for October 22 at the Wave in Waltham.  Food will be available by order.  Cost of the program will be $20. Tickets will be sold in advance, can be sold online through BYHA website.  Will also be available at the door.   Membership will be notified through email.
The event will include a 50/50 raffle, DJ, food, free year of hockey raffle.
  1. Ice in Belmont
Ice costs are increased in Sept/Oct.  November more ice becomes available when the Belmont rink opens, and the high school teams are not yet on ice. December to February BYHA is scheduled around Belmont High teams schedules.  We are looking for access to other ice, including BU, Harvard, BB&N. 
Three skates/week is the optimum for each team, including games, plus skills (every other week).  This year skills will more likely be one week out of 3, given lack of available ice.
Skills program has grown since moving it to Belmont (had been in Cambridge), was started as a plan to develop skaters, keep kids in the program. 
Regarding increased ice usage in September and October, before BYHA entered teams in the Valley league, only Bantams and Pee Wee A teams would start games before October.  This year, four teams have been playing since early September.  Teams playing games have been priority for ice time thus far. 
Mites are just now starting, and therefore are just getting on the ice. 
Some members have been asking about the timing of skills—7,8,9 AM on Sunday, with youngest players skating at 9:00.  With the older kids scheduled at 7AM, attendance has been poor.  We considered whether to keep the 7AM hour until the Belmont rink opens, or to reduce skills for teams already playing games.  Skills sessions will be on Mondays when Belmont rink opens.
Thus far skills for mites has been geared toward simply getting the mites back on the ice.  The sessions have been run by team coaches, and have not been typical skills sessions. 
Ice time has been hard to come by in September and October.  November brings much more open ice, but December and January get tight again with competition for ice time with the BHS teams.  BYHA had the opportunity to use ice during the 9 – 10 PM hour, but it was agreed that that time is not acceptable even for PW players.
The board will create a subcommittee to look at ice and ice issues.  Consider options such as off-ice practices.
There has also been an increase in ice demand among the mini-marauder programs, which consisted of three levels in 2010-11, and has grown to four levels in 2011-12.
There is ice in the morning during the week, but logistically, that seems impossible given the start time of the elementary and middle schools.
Rinks are being built in the area of the Boston Skating Club, and may open up the possibility to rent ice there for most of the season.  Doug McLaughlin will look into this.  As more information becomes available, this will be discussed with the membership.
Goal will be to maintain a structured schedule for each team, practices week to week throughout the season.
  1. Rostering Issues
Squirt C, B and A teams are still settling, will have player changes.  Rosters to be finalized with MassHockey on 10/15.  Coaches will discuss what is most appropriate for the three teams.
Playdowns for Bantams are 11/1-11/17.  Earliest games will be 6:30 PM.  Seedings come out later this month.  Coaches should plan to attend the seeding meeting. 
  1. Mite Placements
Mite A and B (GBYHL), Mite C in Medford (4v4 +goalie)
Placements were based on evaluation and coach input.
The mite rosters were presented to the board and ratified unanimously.
  1. Outstanding Player Disciplinary Issues
PWB has a player who was disciplined in a game this week.  USA Hockey and the Valley league require player to miss a game.  This penalty will be served this weekend. 
Player in Bantam was given a match penalty.  Will have to go before a league hearing, which is the standard process for such a penalty.
  1. CORI Process
All coaches and new board members are required to be CORI’d on an annual basis.  The CORI process will be spearheaded by the chair of coaches (Curtis Cole).  John Murphy will assist in ensuring that all coaches are CORI’d in a timely manner.
  1. Ice Breaker
Ice will not be ready until November 1.  Will reserve the day for November 5 (Saturday) for the ice breaker event.  We will collaborate with the Recreation Department to put this event together.
  1. Walk-In
Team Sponsorships:  The board will ask the coaches to solicit sponsorships from their team parents.  The cost of a sponsorship is $500 per team, but may be split by 2 individuals ($250 each).  Paul Miller will continue to carry this item.  Sponsors will have their name printed on team practice shirts, and will be granted some exposure on the BYHA website, in the form of a banner ad.
  1. Adjournment
Brian Quirk adjourned the meeting at 8:55 p.m.
Minutes submitted by:  Bob Pomer