Belmont Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the character development of Belmont youth through teaching, coaching and playing ice hockey.

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Aug 13, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Board Member Present Absent
Brain Quirk X  
Doug McLaughlin X  
Paul Miller X  
Robert Stonehouse X  
Andy Alasso X  
Dustan Bonnin X  
Jim Finn X  
Mike Goulding X  
Tony Luongo X  
Matt Rowan   X
Erica Carere   X
Dan O’Connell   X
Phil Tinmouth X  
Ex Officio Present Absent
Curtis   X
  1. Previous meeting minutes accepted.
  2. Selection and recommendation for team rosters
    1. Bantams
      1. Decision on two teams (10 players each)
        1. age, skill levels considered
        2. changes made based on placement scores, coaches evaluations
  • voted on and approved unanimously.
  1. Practices/Ice
    1. Boys practices start the last week of August
    2. Girls likely have Sunday mornings at Ryan starting 9th of September
    3. Mini-Maurauders start weekend of 22nd, 23rd
    4. Mite placements Sept 9-11.  First game the next weekend.
  2. Equipment
    1. Practice jerseys ordered and should  be available for distribution by first practice
    2. Brian ordering four team’s worth of game jerseys for the younger ages ($46/shirt)
  3. Succession planning
    1. Need for newer Board Members to shadow the more experienced Members performing certain know-how rich jobs.  Roles needing to be filled (current responsible BOD members listed)
      1. Registrar (Erica)
      2. Equipment (Brian)
      3. Ice (Doug)
      4. Treasurer (Dan)
      5. Website (Andy)
    2. Goalie development
      1. Fesenden happening again this year
  4. Introduction into roles of the overall Board vs. Recommendations of the relevant committees
    1. Process of a committee working to form a plan and a recommendation to present to the Board.  Subsequent vote of approval / denial by entire Board allows for all members to have input.
    2. Do we need to develop a written/unwritten understanding between players/parents & coaches/BOD? This question in the context of commitment to a BYHA schedule & managing the eventual conflicts between a players select team
Current Action Items
  1. Newer BOD members need to sign up for succession planning – pick your pain.
  2. Brian to work out committee set-up and head assignments
  3. Preparation for November Belmont Home Ice Opening
    1. Fundraising
      1. Sponsorship
      2. Calendar
        1. Brian to ask help of certain individuals
  4. BOD needs to solidify rules around call-ups
    1. Need to manage expectations on both sides
    2. Need to weigh coach’s right to run his team vs. needing structure
    3. “Formalize transaction” between affected coaches
  5. Coaches
    1. Steve needs to have a Coaches meeting
    2. Solidification needed in the next week or so. Brian to get with Steve.
      1. Pewee C and Pewee B2 open
    3. Determination as to CEP requirements needed.  “Be all you can be” requirements.
    4. Need to re-emphasize Team Manager
      1. Coaches need to pick one
      2. Role includes rostering/call-ups
      3. Needs to be formalized when presented to members
  6. By-laws need to be updated and approved
Last Month’s Action Items
  1. BQ to call a meeting for new officers to discuss roles and responsibilities.
  2. Define committee: need to have fundraisers to support the choices of low team numbers.
  3. Purchase new jerseys. Brian to perform inventory, and order by end of July.
  4. Placement committee to re-look at Bantams.
  5. Next  meeting August 13 7pm Flett Room Belmont Library
Faithfully Submitted DCN
Dustan Bonnin