BYHA promotes the development and enjoyment of youth hockey in the Town of Belmont, creating and maintaining a standard of goodwill, sportsmanship and fellowship among it's youth.
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BYHA Goalie Development Program
Winter 2013


To encourage, develop, train and produce goalies for BYHA and BHS programs.
To develop multiple goalies at each age level of the BYHA Boys and Girls Program. To create an environment for young players to try the goalie position and establish a foundation.  To encourage the ongoing development of beginner goalies and experienced goalies, through various training programs and teaching goalie fundamentals.


BYHA will provide age specific training and skill development for our goalies.  
At the Developmental Level (Mini Marauders, U10, Mites and Squirts), BYHA will expose as many players as possible to the goalie position. Coaches will encourage players to experiment with goaltending.  All players interested in trying the goaltender position will get an opportunity to do so through team play and the BYHA Goalie Skill Sessions. 
At the Intermediate and Advanced Level (U12, PeeWee, Bantam and Midget), BYHA will continue goalie development with skill-based teaching through the team coaches and BYHA Goalie Skill Sessions.
BYHA encourages all players to try the goalie position in the Developmental years.  BYHA discourages goalies to commit to full time goalie play at the Mini Marauder, Mite and Squirt level.  At this age it is important for all players, even players with a strong goalie interest, to develop their skating skills.
A player’s experience and commitment to the goalie position will vary. There will be players wanting to be Full Time goalies and other players that want to be Part Time goalies.  Full Time Goalies play the goalie position exclusively.  Part Time Goalies will play both the goalie position and a forward position during the season.
The following parameters will guide coaches in managing goalie play and provide players with an understanding of the goalie opportunities at different levels.

Developmental Level

Mini Marauders – All players to rotate when goalie play is introduced.  
U10, Mite B & C – Coaches will rotate all players on the team to play the goalie position in practices and games.
Mite A - Full Ice Play – The Team to use multiple goalies during the season.   All players interested in playing goal and have attended BYHA Goalie Skill Sessions will have the opportunity to play goal in a game or scrimmage. The coach will use discretion in determining the goalie rotation. 
Mite A - Cross-Ice Play - Coaches will rotate all players on the team to play the goalie position in practices and games.
Squirt – At this level the teams may have interest from Full Time goalies and Part Time goalies.  All players interested in playing goal and have attended the BYHA Goalie Skill Sessions will have the opportunity to play goal in a game or scrimmage.  Two or more goalies may share the goalie responsibilities on a team, which may be a combination of Full Time goalies and/or Part Time goalies (i.e. 2 or 3 Part Time goalies may cover a season for a team).  Coaches will use their discretion in utilizing Full and Part Time Goalies in games. 

Intermediate and Advanced Levels

U12, PeeWee, Bantam and Midget – Goalies at these levels are typically Full Time goalies committed to the position.  The number of goalies at a level will determine the goalie count on a particular team.  Team coaches will provide training during practices and games.  All goalies will be encouraged to participate in the BYHA Goalie Skill Sessions.  At these levels, the Team Goalie Coach will be responsible for the advancement of their goalie(s) with assistance from the Goalie Czar and Goalie Director.
Goalie Skills – BYHA will provide Goalie Skill Sessions for Developmental, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.  Currently, BYHA offers two different Goalie Skill Sessions;
1) In-house Goalie Skill Sessions are provided at the Belmont Rink every other Sunday .  Capacity is up to 14 goalies for each session. This session is geared toward the Developmental Level and is led by our Goalie Czar’s Bob Shea, BHS High School Goalie Coach (girls and boys) and Glenn Morgan, BYHA Bantam coach. These sessions run from early November to early March. 
2)  BYHA offers Goalie Skills by an outside operator once a week at The Fessenden Rink through Team Training. These sessions are currently geared toward the Intermediate and Advanced Level goalies.  Sessions run from end of Sept thru Mar. Sign-ups for both skill sessions are on-line.  Currently BYHA provides these Skill sessions at no additional charge to our goalies. Attendance is currently on a volunteer basis. The GDP Committee recommends coaches to encourage attendance to these sessions for all PeeWee, Bantam and Midget Level Goalies.


Goalie Director – BYHA to establish a Goalie Director for the Program whose responsibility is to support team coaches, coordinate Goalie Curriculum and the BYHA Goalie Skill Sessions.  This individual shall be a BYHA Board member….today Erica Carere and Curtis Cole share these responsibilities.
Goalie Czar(s) – Goalie instructor(s) to lead the on–ice In-house BYHA Goalie Skills Sessions and to consult with team coaches as needed…today Bob Shea and Glenn Morgan fill this role. 
Team Goalie Coach - Each team to have a designated Goalie Coach, appointed by the head coach.  This person is likely to be an assistant coach with other team responsibilities, who may or may not have a goalie background.  This coach will understand the core goalie curriculum providing goalie guidance and will be a conduit for delivering instruction and techniques. Responsibilities include working with the goalie(s) during practice with a mini practice plan (at the beginning of practice or during downtime).  The goalie coach will have an “eye on the goalie” at all times, including game play looking for tendencies and areas of improvements.  He will consult with the Goalie Czar for improvement solutions.  The Goalie Coach for each team should attend a select number of Goalie Skill Sessions with their goalies to familiarize themselves with the training their goalie receives.
Goalie Curriculum – Age appropriate curriculum to be developed for goalies by the Goalie Director with assistance from the Goalie Czar.  This curriculum to be provided to and reviewed with Team Goalie Coaches for on ice drills and exercises during team practices. 
Goalie Videotape and Review – During practices or Goal Skills Sessions BYHA will videotape goalies.  The Team Goalie Coach and/or BYHA Goalie Coach will meet with the goalie to review and critique play.
Game Shot Charting – Coaches or trusted parent to chart shots during games to establish  noticeable pattern.
Practice Support – With the goal of attending practices across teams, the Goalie Czar will work with individual goalies and the Team Goalie Coaches during the goalies team practice providing drills, instructions, feedback and tips.
Off Ice Goalie Curriculum –Conduct off ice (and perhaps off season) training to support goalie skills such as lateral movement, eye hand coordination and reaction time.
Goalie Mentors – As Goalies mature and play at Peewee and Bantam Levels (and Squirt if the numbers work) we will pursue active goalies currently playing for Midget, JV, BHS Boys and BHS girls teams to volunteer to mentor goalies.  The intent is to create a culture of learning and support; to create a goaltending community providing a broad base of support.  Given the nonprofit status of BYHA, BHS students can receive volunteer hours towards graduation.  Mentoring goalie interaction may be along the lines of: take time to watch their assigned goalies once a week – during a game or practice, providing feedback or support as he/she speaks with the goalie each week to discuss tips, struggles and challenges.  


Goalie Discount –A Full Time Goalie will receive a 50% goalie discount on player registration dues for their respective level. Part Time Goalies do not receive a goalie discount.
Goalie Equipment – BYHA provides goalie equipment for teams at the Developmental Level (Mite A, B, C, U10 and Squirts) to be shared by the team goalies.  Some goalies may have their own equipment.  Goalie equipment is also available for All Developmental players to use while attending the In-house Goalie Skill Sessions.


At BYHA Placements, every player is evaluated and assigned to a team based on his or her skill level at a Particular position (goalie or forward).  The emphasis is to appropriately place all players, including forwards and goalies, with like-skilled players. 
BYHA requires a player trying out for a goalie position, to declare prior to Placements if they are a Full Time Goalie or a Part Time Goalie. 
Full Time Goalie = play the goal position exclusively.
Part Time Goalie = play both goalie and a forward position during the season.
Full Time Goalies will participate as a goalie for each Placement session they attend and will be evaluated as a goalie for their respective level and placed accordingly.  Full Time Goalies must attend at least one Placement session to be placed on a team. As recommended for all players, each full time goalie should attend as many Placement sessions as possible. 
Part Time Goalies, with the exception of the Mite level, must tryout as a goalie for at least one Placement session.  Part Time Goalies will be evaluated as a goalie and as a forward. A Part Time player will placed on a team based on his/her forward evaluation scores, with consideration of the player’s desire to play goal on a part time basis and the players goalie evaluations. 
Goalies will be evaluated by the Placement Evaluators at each session.  Additionally a Goalie Evaluator, to be identified by the Placement Coordinator, will be present at a one or all Placement sessions for each age level

Depending on the number of goalies at a particular level, BYHA can not guarantee goalie play for Part Time Goalies at the Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Any issues arising outside of written guidelines will be evaluated and handled by the BYHA executive committee.