Belmont Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the character development of Belmont youth through teaching, coaching and playing ice hockey.

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BYHA is providing this information to advise members and their families as to the protocols and regulations for the 2020 - '21 season. Compliance with these protocols is a shared responsibility among all (players, coaches and parents) of us.  Thank you for taking the time to review this content and for making every reasonable effort to be in compliance.

Content of this page will be updated as new information becomes available.

  • Tution:  Tuition is required for all BYHA participants for the 2020-’21 season.  See this area of the site for details on registration and tuition costs. 
  • Waiver:  BYHA will require a waiver for each player this season.  Please find a copy of that waiver here.   BYHA will send out an electronic signature request for execution of this waiver for each player end of August / early Sept.  Usage of that process would be appreciated as it is most efficient.  Please contact  with any questions.
  • Protocols: BYHA is operating in compliance with the following protocols for the 2020 – ’21 season
    • CDC "How to Protect Yourself and Others" - see that document here
    • USA Hockey 
      • "Returning to the Rinks" - see that document here
      • "MA Hockey Phase III Step 1 FAQ’s" - see that document here
    • Records of Attendance In order to comply with rink facility requirements (see more below) and to best position BYHA to respond in the event of someone testing positive, each family will need to submit this survey before their player or parent / spectator enters a rink.  If you are coaching your child’s team or spectating your child’s event we need a survey to be completed for each person entering the rink.  If your child is going to the rink without a parent, please the survey out the day of their practice before they enter the rink.  This is a crucial step for us to ensure we are following guidelines and our rinks can stay open. 
    • Rink Facility Protocols Please take care to review the protocol for each rink your player will visit as there are nuances to each that we need to be in compliance with.  Please open the "2020-21 Season Protocols" folder from this page on our site to see information about some of the rinks our program is using.  If there is a rink you do not see information for, please do a general web search for the facility website.
      • Please note that the Ryan Arena is Watertown is now requiring all players to wear masks while in the arena see this document
    • Valley League (co-ed teams)  The Valley League release these protocols that must be followed for all Valley League games.
  • ‚ÄčGeneral 
    • Any player, coach, parent or spectator who is showing signs of symptoms  MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY BYHA ACTIVITY, SHOULD CONTACT MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL(S) IMMEDIATELY AND GET TESTED.
      • An infected player, coach, parent or spectator should immediately isolate and secure treatment as advised by medial professionals. The COVID-19 case must be reported to the local public health authorities by the infected family and their recommendations should be followed.
      • Any teammates, coaches, parents or spectators who were in close contact (defined by the CDC as 15 minutes within six feet) must also be tested, and follow the guidance of their physician, since they could also contract the virus. The initial test is needed to determine if they were infected at the time of the contact, possibly from a common source.  ANYONE IN CLOSE CONTACT WITH SOMEONE WHO TESTS POSITIVE WILL BE REQUIRED TO SECURE A NEGATIVE TEST BEFORE THEY CAN RESUME PARTICIPATION IN ANY IN PERSON BYHA ACTIVITIES.
        • All close contacts who may have been exposed to the virus should be notified without identification of the infected person in compliance with HIPPA laws. This protects the individual’s identity, but allows for teammates and families to take necessary action such as testing and self-isolating.